We provide exceptional craftmanship servies to all repairs. Customer service is available to answer any questions and will fully communicate back to you the status of your shoes via phone or email as requested. Please see a list of services below.

Birkenstock Sandals
-Resole (Full Soles)
-New Footbed with Full Soles
UGG Boots
-Water Proofing
-Sole or Heel
-Patch, Sew, or Glue
Woman's Shoe Repair
- Heels
-Half Soles
-Sole Guards
-Toe Tips
-Heel Re-attach
-Heel Contruction (Broken)
-Heel Shortened
Mens Shoe Repair
- Heels
-Full Soles and Heels
-Sole Guards
-Inner Linning
-Cuff (back of the ankle)
-Relace Boat Shoes
Other Repairs
-Clean, Condition and Shine
-Zipper Repair
-Hand Bag Repair
-Jacket Repair
-Orthopedic Work

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